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so i don't even know why i bother to say this but, try not to make fun of me. seriously. or not...fine, make fun of me cause i know you will anyway.

i dreamed that James Marsters died. yeah, i know....but that's only part of the dream. i was sad cause he'd a good actor and all but everyone else was going nuts. they were devastated. like after JFK got shot or something. completly silent while walking around reading the paper and magazines with his image plastered all over them, their faces stuck in sadness...frozen...think the kids in the classroom in the "Jeremy" video. apparently two other people died that day too...actors i didn't recognize...but they were all on the cover of time and newsweek.

so yeah, that was fucking weird.

ah, James....

guess that dream is better than the one i had night before last, in which i took an internship at Target. wow.
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