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First Post.

My name is Elizabeth, and I usually have vivid dreams, so this community seemed to suit me. The last week or so have been odd dream wise so here goes..

I had a bundle of odd dreams one night. My friend called and woke me up from one of my dreams, in which this spirit was out to get me. I am rather glad he woke me up, for I was at the point of realizing something was after me. And in my dream the logic was, if I realize it is trying to get me, then it shall finally get it's way. When I went back to sleep I dreamt of vampyres and Bracken (He is one of my best friends, who I do have a rocky past with.) He was in a wreck in my dream (perhaps because he did recently get into a wreck), I remember hugging him and kissing his neck and chest. It was odd. There was a baby and we were dancing with it, though I got the feeling that it was not our baby we were dancing with. *shrug* I had another dream where I had to fight vampyres because they started to take over the school/town. I remember I had a sword, and I was kicking major ass. Bracken was in this dream as well, and I recall he was rather impressed but weirded out that I could fight like I could. My dreams are usually odd like this, but yeah silly psyche. It isn't like I can control my dreams anyway, I can only remember them.

Another night this week I had another dream where something was after me (btw, the last one was in my old house in KY). This one was also in that same house, but this time it was a snake. It was a very long, but not so thick, snake. At first it was just there, then it became this game where it was trying to catch me and I just kept running. I know slightly silly, but it was terrifying in the dream. I tried to close doors on it, and cut it in half. I also remember running in a room and closing the door thinking it would keep me safe, but when I turned to look at the door I discovered that the door had holes in it. Nothing ever worked when it came to eluding the snake, but I don't recall it ever catching me.

A friend pointed out that the house that I have been dreaming of is a place I only seem to dream about when I am really depressed. So those are my exceptionally odd dreams that I've had over the last few days. Sorry for the lengthiness.
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