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Last night in my dreams I was staying in a hotel with a pool outside my window. I could climb into the pool from my window, and vice versa. It was so strange, because the hotel was supposed to be like haunted by a woman with a baby. There were so many people there, friends, and random people. We all had problems finding our rooms, and we were all skittish because of the ghost. Well, we finally found our rooms, and my bedmate was Kermit the Frog -_- (WTF!) I remember being all "aww so awesome!". In the middle of the night though the other people (in the other bed in the room) like left the room, and the ghost came into the room. I remember being so scared I couldn't move. (Kermit was just all curled up asleep next to me, puppet that he was -_-) It was uber freaky. I also remember going into this store, seeing a ninja turtle, and thinking of my friend Cory. I also remember seeing little figurines from a book on this guy's desk. It was just a weird dream. I have been having a lot of those lately (every time I close my eyes it seems), but I just had to share this one, because well it's Kermit!
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