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again, i know that i am posting a lot, but i have to.

...and possibly not for the ultra-squeamish...

and i just now remembered fully...

I dreamt that I was in a horrible car accident. not so much that the car was hurt buy i was. i was trying to ascend a steep driveway, maybe to a shopping center, but the drive had no guardrail. somehow the car tipped over the guardrail. it didn't have far to go.

then i fell out, about 10 feet to the ground, and lay there all scraped and bruised, a few bones broken. then the car landed back around on its tires. the front left tire fell onto my hand, and my hand was pinned there. i remember being in an incredible amount of pain in the dream but i can't, in the light of wakefulness, eplain the feeling. i finally got my hand free and it was a mess. i am guessing my hand hand been basically crushed on the inside and i could do nothing but stand there and stare at it, bug-eyed. for whatever reason my hand seemed the central focus of my pain, even though i was badly injured in many palces on my body. i stumbled down the street and a cop stopped me and instead of asking if i was ok, he asked me where i was going. i said, "can you call an ambulance?" but he said they had to file a plice report about the accident first.

the pain was getting worse so i stumbled away from the cop. he yelled after me but didn't try to catch me. then i happened upon a group of students(?) protesting something. they asked me if i was ok. i asked if they could call for help. they said no, but that the people down this steep hill could help. so i carefully tried to get down the hill. hard with a crushed hand.

i got to the bottom and asked the people for help. some said that it wasn't bad enough to call 911 and others said they had more important things to do. then i was crying again, shocker, i know and trying to show them that it was now a compound fracture and splinters of bone were showing and some were coming out.

no one would help me. i asked everyone. by now it was night. finally people around me began to realize that i was in trouble--it seemed like it'd hours. then they went through all of these ways of trying to help me that were totally useless and potentially much more harmful.

somehow i got trapped in a deep ditch, and no one could seem to climb down to pull me out, as injured as i was. somehow John showed up beside me, trying to help or get someone to help (he was the first person i knew in the dream, besides my Dad who made a short appearance before i crashed.)

there were bright spotlights on all around the deep ditch, like that was going to help get me out. people had megaphones yelling incomprehensible things down to me. Then i saw a construction vehicle like THIS, but in my dream in was enormous, perched precariously on the side of the ditch. a guy was yelling at me through that damned megaphone but i still couldn't understand what he said. i then got the distinct feeling that they wanted to pull me up with the shovel part of the machine. it began moving down toward me and i attemped to get inside the shovel. i saw the whole machine beginning to fall into the ditch as well, the ground eroding underneath so i jumped out just as it crashed down. i was unhurt, save for all of the injuries i'd already sustained.

then time flashed forward a bit. this time, they were using a lion to try to get me out. A LION. like an effing eat-you-for-breakfast-jungle cat. i decided that this was never going to work so, gimp hand and pain and all, i pulled myself slowly out, ran through the crowd and ran to find someone to help me. i have no clue where John went. i lost him.

so yeah, that was a weird dream. i am sure Jung would once again have a filed day with it.

and in case anyone is interested in imterpratation of dreams as i am, have a look-see here:

Car Crash
A car crash dream usually means that you feel like your life is a wreck. Look at how the car crash occured in the dream. Did another car hit yours? Was there ice or water on a highway? What leads up to the crash is usually a good indicator of how you are perceiving what is occuring in your life. If someone else hit your car you may feel the a situation is 'not your fault', that you are being victimized by an outside source over which you have no control. If we hit ice or water in the road, this indicates an emotional situation which is causing you to feel out of control. Look at the details of the dream and see what led up to the crash or loss of control.

and flipping over:
If you flip over, a new initiative will be stymied.
i don't like where that's going.

Ascending driveway-road
To see a road in your dream, indicates your sense of direction and pursuit of your goals

...and to add my own interpretation, a demonstrable lack of a guardrail probably means something akin to living life without a net. putting oneself out there, running toward a goal, naked with no one who can acheive the goal but themselves. that makes sense.

The hand is a symbol of "action", control, activity and power...If you wriggle your hands, it reflects your worries and suffers caused by conflicts and demands of others...A missing or crippled arm indicates a difficulty in taking actions. If you look at your dirty hands, it is a warning to beware of false friends and dishonest people.

If you have an injury to your hand it shows that someone else will garner the rewards that are rightfully yours.


Injured or bandaged hands indicates delays in attaining one's goals; look to other symbols in the dream to discern how these delays can be subverted, or, if they're inevitable, how best the time during the delays can be spent.

jeez, i seem to be both a product of and slave to my own subconscious. really.

Bent or gnarled hands signify an easement of financial worries.

Right hand--the one injured
Supposed to represent joy and happiness. Joy and happiness stymied maybe?

To dream that you are having difficulties contacting the police, suggests that you have yet to acknowledge your own authoritativeness in a situation. You need to take control and be in command of the direction of your life.

maybe since he wasn't helping, it means that i have trouble taking authority over my own life?

If you dream you are in pain it shows that you are punishing yourself over a useless cause or inconsequential action on your part.

To dream that you nearly escape from the impact of an automobile, denotes that you will successfully overcome any rivalry.

To dream that you are in pain, will make sure of your own unhappiness. This dream foretells useless regrets over some trivial transaction.

but i didn't, it landed on my hand.

If you dreamed of being in - or just observing - a strike or protest demonstration, this means that you are making progress toward your goals.

ok, this part disturbs me a bit. i saw people protesting, thus achieving their goals, but i wasn't. ok, weird.

If dreamt he was in a ditch and couldn't come out means he will be trapped in a difficult job and won't get rid of it.

duh. but then i got out.

To see construction in your dream, signifies a new surge of energy, ambition and renewed confidence. It may also represent the rebuilding of your own life.

but the thing supposed to construct lost it's footing and fell.

I knew this one would be important.
Carl Jung said that all wild animals indicate latent affects (feelings and emotions that we do not readily deal with). They are also symbolic of dangers (hurtful and negative things) being "swallowed" by the unconscious. The lion is a symbol of social distinction and leadership. The interpretation depends on the circumstances and the interactions with the lion.


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