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what is it about x-mas trees?

i have recurring dreams about my old house in snellville. i am not sure why. my mom is almost always there and i am always hiding something from her. and she is frequently very angry in these dreams. although, in reality, she seldom gets angry with me.

last night i dreamed that she was divorcing Jeff, and i was devastated since i know Jeff is a nice man, and the best thing ever to happen to mom. i dreamed that she had giant pictures on the wall of Matty and me...really really huge ones. which she would think were tacky. weirdest part was, she was marrying Jenn's dad. ew. also, our mailbox was bigger than a bread box...for real. not all that interesting i guess but still.

before that, i dreamed that a bunch of us went to the beach, but the house was different. switched around. a dream house, as i call it, but not in the way you are probably thinking. i have noticed that houses are one of the only things in dreams that can be totally different, yet still recognizable to the dreamer. people are the other thing. funny thing is, my house NEVER looks different in my dreams. sometimes the back yard does, but never the interior of the house. i mean, the pictures change, and the furniture, but never the layout of the house. tangental there.

so Kara Baker was at the beach. it was weird because we were never really friends. i just knew her b/c we had the same last name and sat together in homeroom. she was having a bad time at the beach and got sick from eating shrimp.

something else that interests me abou dreaming about my house on Rae Dr...there is almost always a christmas tree in the living room where we used to put it. no matter what time of the year it is.

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