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Hello, I'm new here. I'm a chronic daydreamer and I like to share them with people who also dream a lot. Maybe someone has something to say about them. Sometimes they drive me crazy because I can't explain them properly.

I don't know about anyone else but I have little say in what I dream about, sleeping or awake. Once my mind starts I don't steer it at all, that way I get to see the best and worst of myself. I hardly ever daydream about sex or violence or things in this reality at all. I think far too much of creatures and music. My lack of artistic abilities inhibits any other way for me to show it, all I have is my writing and even that can get hard to follow. It's all I really like doing but it's stagnant. It never has a start or finish, and a very short middle at best.

I looked down at my floor, and there was a dark moving shadow, a circle. It stopped, grew darker and slowly produced a glow deep inside of it. It was a faint glow, hardly visible but it grew more prominent over the minute or so. Something was coming up, the shadow was really a tunnel that went deep into my bedroom floor. Two long pointed ears slowly rose until I could see the face to which they belonged. A sort of purple animal came up. It had a wide head, large wide eyes and a nose of a rabbit or a cat. It looked like a rabbit with no fur that stood and walked like a person.

It's eyes black and fixed on me. It's long fingers moved like branches in the wind, all going different directions until they all swayed downwards. A motion, an invitation. The tunnel had roots to climb down until it turned into a cave. The cave sparkled as if it were snowing gold flecks onto everything. The walls of the cave glowed and dimmed making it seem as if there were thousands of wind tossed candles behind frosted glass. The little purple creature had wings, it wasn't a strange rabbit but a fairie of sorts.

The caved stopped but didn't open into the outside. Instead it had another hole, going deeper into it. The brim of the opening was soaked and it went directly into a pool of water. Breathing wasn't an issue. The water was dark and cold but as you swam further down it got lighter and warmer. Fish and other things swam around me until I hit the floor of the sea. If I looked beyond the floor I could see clouds. Breaking the seal of the water, the fairie infront of me, I would fall though hundreds of clouds. It was a dead place in the sky. There was nothing but clouds and a sickly buzzing of electricity everywhere. Sometimes the sky would rupture in the distance and water would fall through. It felt like battles had been won and lost here and each slow sorrowful cloud marked one of the fallen and forgotten.

The daydream tired to keep going but every time I got to the end of the sky I was not happy with where it led. I got tired of imagining endings I didn't much like and left it alone.
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